Tips for Starting Carb Cycling

If you've been getting more serious about getting into carb cycling, you probably have
been doing a decent amount of research on how it works, and how you can get the
most out of your routine. Carb cycling is an excellent way to lose weight and show off
your progress. Sometimes it can do you a lot of good to focus primarily on some of the
most important steps so that you can begin the journey. The following article will be
geared towards sharing some tips to get you started in carb cycling. 

Carbs on Training Days

When you are going to have a training day, those should be your days with the highest
carbs. You will need the energy and nutrients so that your body can heal itself after an
intense workout. This is also good because your cyclical diet will help train your body to
know how to use those extra carbs before and after you've worked out, which means
that you'll be less likely to experience and substantial weight gains. 

Limit Fat on High Carbs Days

It's a good idea to limit the amount of fat that you eat on your high carb days. This helps
you to maintain a healthy carb ceiling when you are eating a calorie restricted diet. You
will take in more important nutrients that will be essential to your workout plan for that
day, as well as encourage your body to burn the fats that you have already stored. 

Eat Complex Carbs

The best types of carbs to eat will be either complex carbs that break down into the
essential glucose, or foods that are readily available sources of them. These types of
foods keep you from experiencing the fatigue that could be expected from a workout. 
Things like sweet potatoes and broccoli can go a long way and help you to have that
boost of energy that you need. 

Make Sure to Eat Enough Calories

One of the mistakes that many people make is that their intake of calories falls too far
below what they need to survive. This can happen very easily if you are working out and
not eating enough to take the place of the carbs that are being used to sustain activity. It
is even beneficial for you to have a small carb snack that can help your muscles repair
themselves after a serious workout.