Bodyweight Moves for the Upper Body

As you probably know, bodyweight exercises allow you to workout anywhere and
usually with no equipment or weights, toning and strengthening your entire body. For
some people, they really want to focus on their upper body, which is where the following
moves benefit you the most.

Pull-Ups and Push-Ups

Two bodyweight exercises that are fantastic for your upper body are the pull-ups and
push-ups. If you don't have a bar at home, you will need to go to a nearby playground or
park for the pull-ups, or you can do them in your local gym. However, it is highly
recommended to add them to your routine if you are working on your upper body. All
you need to do is put your hands on the bar and try to pull yourself up until your chest
meets the bar. Don't worry if you can't do one ñ the stronger you get, the easier they

At home, you can do push-ups as well. If you know how to do a plank, you know the first
move of a push-up. Instead of holding the plank, you will bend your elbows and move
your body down to the ground, then lift your body back up into the plank position.

Star Plank

Are you looking for a harder plank to do? When you feel like you have gotten used to
standard and elbow planks, and want to work your arms as well as your core, try a star
plank. For this move, you are doing a full plank, but your hands and legs are stretched
out with more space in between them, creating a four-pointed star with your body. 

Diamond Push-Up

Another version of the push-up is one where you simply move where your hands are. 
The benefit of this is that you work different arm and shoulder muscles, further
increasing your bodyweight upper body workout. Instead of just putting your hands
shoulder width apart, you will touch your hands together in a diamond formation. This
really works on your shoulders and arms. Do the push-ups like you normally would. As
with pull-ups, don't worry if you can only do one or two right now. When you get
stronger, you will be able to do more of them.

Many bodyweight exercises work your entire body, including your upper body, so mixing
up your routine is great for a full-body workout.