Lazy Girl Bodyweight Exercise Ideas

If you feel that you are on the lazier end of the spectrum and want your free time to be
watching TV or listening to music at home, that doesnít mean you have to be completely
sedentary. You can do bodyweight workouts while doing these other things, without
walking into a gym, and still gain benefits from it.

Decide What Moves Are Best

It is always good to learn the different bodyweight moves first before you decide how to
add them to your routine. There are some you are probably familiar with, like squats and
lunges, but others you may not know how to do correctly. Choose moves that are good
for your current fitness level. You want to challenge yourself, but not overdo it. If you are
a beginner and you choose expert-level moves, you will burnout quickly and lose your

Choose the Increments

Once you know what bodyweight moves you want to try out, you will then choose
increments. This is when you decide if you want to do a certain move when listening to
one song, or if you want to do them during each commercial break while watching TV. If
you are streaming video online, you can try them during advertisement breaks, or a
slightly longer routine after each episode. You can also choose minute increments, like
if you are watching a movie, pause it after every 15-20 minutes to do 10 or 20 reps of
one type of bodyweight exercise.

Try Moves While Doing Other Activities

Even a lazy girl (or dude) can find moves to do while doing other activities at home as
well. You can stand up on your tip-toes or squat while brushing your teeth or washing
dishes, do lunges every time you walk down the hall to the bathroom, or commit to a
wall sit for 30 seconds before every meal you eat. There are many different options for
fitting in these exercises in your normal day, whether you are at home, in the office, or
spending the day at the park.

Make it Fun!

There is no reason your workout has to be a bore! Make it fun by turning up your
favorite fast-paced song and do some burpees and planks, or try jumping jacks for an
entire song. Have fun with it, involve your family or roommates, and donít treat it like
exercise. This is what will keep you motivated.