Natural Health Christmas Gift Ideas

The following gift ideas give you an idea of natural health gifts you can promote. 

1. Dry Skin Brushing Set

Dry skin brushing is a popular way to exfoliate the skin while also relieving stress and anxiety. You can point your readers to the following gift sets on Amazon, or create your own gift set with resources you find from various online stores.

2. Essential Oils Set For Stress Relief

Essential oils are good for mental and physical ailments, but particularly helpful with stress. Stress is also something many people deal with during the holidays. Here are some different essential oil sets you can promote from Amazon:

3. Home Workout Set

The holidays is perfect for promoting exercise accessories and equipment, due to New Year's resolutions. While not always considered in the natural health category, they are a great complement to other items on this list. Here are some home workout kits and sets that your readers will enjoy:

4. Yoga Set

The ultimate exercise for anyone interested in natural health remedies is yoga. Take a look at some of these yoga products and gift sets you can promote:

5. Juicing Gift Basket

Juicing has been trending for a while, and isn't going away any time soon. The good news is there are tons of juicing products you can promote. If you want to show your readers how to put together a juicing gift basket for their friends and family, consider some of these products:

6. Natural Herbs Planting Gift

Someone who is interested in natural health is sure to be interested in using herbs. Herbs have so many uses, from making skincare products to adding to a tea for curing the cold. You can show your readers how to put together a gift set all about planting herbs.

7. DIY Home Remedies Kit

This type of kit is something that takes a little bit of creativity, since you are showing your readers some different ways to put a gift basket or gift kit together. Here are some ideas of items to include in a kit all about making DIY home remedy projects:

8. DIY Kit For Homemade Detoxing Products

The new year is all about starting fresh, so it makes sense that so many people are looking up how to detox. This cleanses their body and gears up for being healthier. A great help to your readers would be to tell them how to put together a DIY kit for making homemade detoxing products. The types of products you want to suggest will determine what you promote, but here are some to get you started:

9. Healing Crystals Gift Set

Another direction to go is with healing crystals. Crystals like amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz are often used for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

10. Coconut Gift Set

One of the most popular ingredients for natural health products is coconut. It can be used for health drinks and foods, as well as DIY products for the skin, hair, nails, and even teeth. There is a lot you can promote for a coconut gift set, but here are some ideas.