HIIT Moves for Your Core

High intensity interval training has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-
after forms of exercise today. While traditional workout routines are still popular, many
people have made it their goal to become extremely familiar with this new and
innovative form of training. In order to reap the benefits of HIIT, most people have
chosen to focus on their core strength, as this is a key component to improving
physique, and gaining practical strength. This information goes over some of the key
HIIT moves for your core. 
Warming Up

As always, before any workout itís very important to stretch and start with a period of
warm up exercises to get your muscles ready for the intense workout thatís about to
happen. First, you want to start with 3 - 4, one minute warm ups such as Toe Touch
Jacks, Lateral Jumps, Slow Butt Kickers (with arm swings, and Regular Butt Kickers. 
After you have gone through these 4 warm ups, youíll be primed and ready for the next
phase of hardcore workout. Be sure to rest for appropriate times, just not too long so
you donít lose momentum. 

Core Workout

The key to getting a successful HIIT workout, is that you be sure to blast your body with
as much of the workout as possible until your time doing the move is finished. A timer
can be an essential component of your workout because it can help you to keep track of
the progress youíre making. The follow section will be a list of workouts that are to be
done 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off. There should be no actually rest periods in
between the different workouts.   

Russian Twists
Bicycle Leg Drops
Mini Scissor Kicks
Plank Steps
Leg Drop Pulls
Side Plank Drop
Circle Crunches
Swimmer Pulses
Downward Dog Tucks
Flutter Kicks
Reclined Oblique Twists
5 Toe Touch Crunches + Stretch

HIIT Cardio

Once you have completed the hardest part of your workout, itís time to take a break for
a bit and get ready to come back to execute the cardio potion of your HIIT workout. 
These will generally be less intense than the initial core workout, so it will help as a cool
down. These exercises below will be performed 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, and
should be repeated 4 times consecutively. 

Push Ups
Lunge, Tap, Kick
3, 2, 1, Squats
Squat Pops
Burpee Thigh Slaps
Broad Jumps + 2 Jacks
Lateral Jumps